The Basics of Chemistry

The Basics of Chemistry

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Written for students beginning a formal study of chemistry, this volume encompasses many different topics in and approaches to introductory chemistry. Chapters are devoted to topics such as the atom, elements and the periodic table, bonding, equilibrium and kinetics, solutions, acids and bases, and chemical reactions. Several chapters discuss broad areas of chemistry including organic chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, and industrial chemistry. Illustrations and diagrams help the student understand chemical structures and reactions, and numerous tables present a wealth of reference information. The historical developments of chemical concepts are traced, and biographical information is provided on key individuals responsible for the development of modern chemistry. Appendices include an extensive bibliography, a glossary of over 400 chemical terms, an overview of Nobel laureates in chemistry, and an element reference table. This book will be of use not only to students, but also to anyone seeking an overview of the field. Teachers of all grades can use Basics of Chemistry as a practical general reference.... used to date an object up to ten times its half-life; for example, tritium could be used for measurements of up to 1 25 years. ... Williard Libby (1908- 1980) developed the method around 1950 and was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in ... The answer is related to the strong nuclear force that holds the nucleus together.

Title:The Basics of Chemistry
Author:Richard Myers
Publisher:Greenwood Publishing Group - 2003-01-01


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