The Basics of the Human Body

The Basics of the Human Body

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This is a stunningly comprehensive roadmap to the human body, and a vividly compelling account of the long history of the study of anatomy and the many breakthroughs that inform our current notions of the human body, health, and disease. Equally intriguing are the cutting-edge research, treatments, and procedures that continue to advance our understanding of the body, its possibilities, and its limitations including: the systems of the body, digestion and excretion, blood and circulation, breathing, muscles and bones, the nervous system, the senses and health and the immune system. Full-color photographs, illustrations, and diagrams, archival images, and intriguing fact-filled sidebars, make this a resource that is perfectly suited to both the biology classroom and the high-interest section of the library. In addition, this is a superb text to use when integrating the Common Core curriculum standards for the reading of scientific texts. It satisfies all the relevant reading standards pertaining to key ideas and details, craft and structure, integration of knowledge and ideas, range of reading, and level of text complexity.THE STRUCTURE OF BONE The human skeleton is made of a hard tissue called bone. Although bones vary in size and shape, they all have a similar structure. Bone consists mainly of inora€” ... Compact bone Major bones of the human body. Our 206 bones include 22 in the skull and, although skull bones are fused together in adults, they are still counted as 22 separate bones. THE HUMAN SKELETONanbsp;...

Title:The Basics of the Human Body
Author:Anne Wanjie
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2013-07-15


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