The Becoming

The Becoming

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Brandt Evans is floundering. Leadership of their dysfunctional group wasna€™t something he asked for or wanted. Their problems are numerous: Remy Angellette is grief-stricken and suicidal, Gray Carter is distant and reclusive, and Cade Alton is near death. And things only get worse. While Brandt and Gray are on the hunt for supplies, a still-recovering Cade is kidnapped by a militant group of survivors. On Brandta€™s return, hea€™s told of a conspiracy involving test subjects, pathogens, and CDC doctors. Brandta€™s race to save Cade takes him back to the dangerous streets of Atlanta, where not all is as it seems. And with a horde of infected closing in and the rescue mission in jeopardy, he comes tantalizingly close to a cure that might save whata€™s left of humanity from the ravages of the Michaluk Virus.a€œIta#39;s a Ruger LCP, a€ Gray said. a€œI asked Theo to help me find ... a€œJust dona#39;t use it unless you absolutely have to, a€ Gray warned. a€œThere are only seven ... The manual says it has a longpull trigger, so therea#39;s no safety. I dona#39;t want to have to dealanbsp;...

Title:The Becoming
Author:Jessica Meigs
Publisher:Permuted Press - 2013-05-14


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