The Best Australian Essays 2012

The Best Australian Essays 2012

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The Best Australian Essays 2012 presents the country's most eloquent voices at the peak of their powers. Helen Garner, Anna Krien and Romy Ash discuss animals; David Marr, Rhys Muldoon and James Button discuss those of the political variety. Peter Robb meets Akira Isogawa, J.M. Coetzee considers Les Murray's black dog, and Gillian Mears her award-winning novel. John Bryson reflects on the drawn-out, unnecessary agony of the Azaria case. With humour, Louis Nowra walks in the shadow of death, while Lee Kofman's teenage passions unfurl in a time of war. There's Andrew Ford on John Cage, Maria Tumarkin on food, Clive James on Pauline Kael, and Nick Bryant on Gina Rinehart. These are essays full of insight and wit, on the subjects that moved us in 2012.'When looking for wisdom, it's a good idea to range widely.' Ramona KovalTim Flannery Robert Hughes, Louise Nowra Last Drinks, Kim Mahood White Helpers, John Bryson The Azaria Inquest, Kate Jennings Water Wars, Maria Tumarkin Food Obsession, Peter Robb Akira Isogawa, Helen Garner Canine Rebellion, Romy Ash Shooting Lunch, Anna Krien A Killing Observed, James Button Working for Kevin, Rhys Muldoon The Coup, David Marr Young Tony Abbott, Gillian Mears Old Copmanhurst, J.M. Coetzee Les Murray, Nick Bryant Gina Rinehart, Robert Manne Victory for the Deniers Rachel Robertson Raw Experience, L.M Robinson The Hardest Decision, Gideon Haigh Studs Terkel, Andrew Ford John Cage, Clive James Pauline Kael, Cordelia Fine The Problem with Pornography, Lee Kofman Passion and War, Jennifer Compton Sister, Deborah Robertson Father, Nicolas Rothwell Mysticism and PapunyaEven now, as my daughterand I walk hand in hand across the hospitala#39;s shiny forecourt towards theelevators, I am thinkingand resisting: they will tell me somethinga#39;s wrong. ... Itake my place among them andhaul my daughter onto my knee.

Title:The Best Australian Essays 2012
Author:Ramona Koval
Publisher:Black Inc. - 2012-11-05


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