The Best of Make:

The Best of Make:

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After two years, MAKE has become one of most celebrated new magazines to hit the newsstands, and certainly one of the hottest reads. If you're just catching on to the MAKE phenomenon and wonder what you've missed, this book contains the best DIY projects from the magazine's first ten volumes -- a surefire collection of fun and challenging activities going back to MAKE's launch in early 2005. Find out why MAKE has attracted a passionate following of tech and DIY enthusiasts worldwide with one million web site visitors and a quarter of a million magazine readers. And why our podcasts consistently rank in the top-25 for computers and technology. With the Best of MAKE, you'll share the curiosity, zeal, and energy of Makers -- the citizen scientists, circuit benders, homemakers, students, automotive enthusiasts, roboticists, software developers, musicians, hackers, hobbyists, and crafters -- through this unique and inspiring assortment of DIY projects chosen by the magazine's editors. Learn to: Hack your gadgets and toys Program micontrollers to sense and react to things Take flight with rockets, planes, and other projectiles Make music from the most surprising of things Find new ways to take photos and make video Outfit yourself with the coolest tools Put together by popular demand, the Best of MAKE is the perfect gift for any maker, including current subscribers who missed early volumes of the magazine. Do you or someone you know have a passion for the magic of tinkering, hacking, and creation? Do you enjoy finding imaginative and unexpected uses for the technology and materials in your life? Then get on board with the Best of MAKE!Most toddler car seats consist of a washable, foamfilled padded cover wrapped around the plastic frame. Inspired by a noisecanceling headphones project ( MAKE, Volume 05, page 56), I took the connecting loop outof a pairof inexpensive headphones, ... Shea#39;s still getting the hang of the iPod shufflea€”shea#39;ll overshoot,

Title:The Best of Make:
Author:Mark Frauenfelder
Publisher:Maker Media, Inc. - 2007-10-24


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