The Best Way to Fix Our Economy

The Best Way to Fix Our Economy

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The Best Way to Fix Our Economy describes the basic problem of the USA economy in the early-21st century. It is how to restore, re-surge and re-build America. How? The solution is building great new innovative product industries that produce excellent products at good prices that sell in the USA and markets around the globe. They generate sustainable small businesses. That then produces steady jobs that provide income that keeps taxes down and enables sizable profit, incent investment, ROI, continuous RaD and superior products built at competitive prices and helps ensure sustainable industry growth. The book affords an accurate historical analysis of how America has driven its economy from being the primary product-producer in the world to a service-based economy. The authors describe the simple--not easy--roadmap back to the future to being a product-driven world force by using the Lazars' proven behavioral economic model that they call The Central Productive Processa [ to create a renewed productive society. The Lazars name 17 innovative product industries that will turn the economy around and restore the practice of true Capitalism in America instead of the personal interest (greed) and financial services system now in place masking as Capitalism. The Central Productive Processa [ is punctuated with realistic, logical and common sense notions crisply formulated over thirty-five years of qon-the-groundq experience. It is not a theoretical exercise for the reader. It works. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dwight David Eisenhower are cited as two excellent examples of qAND THINKINGq leaders who understood that a strong nation combines defense and human needs along with economic growth and human well-being. Their vision of a compassionate and strong American economy has been in decline in America for the last 30 years. While the clarion calls of Roosevelt and Eisenhower have been muffled in the USA, China heeded the call, exceeded all expectations and has grown into an economic power with product-driven national policies. Enhanced by thirty years of peace and neutrality, they have also improved the quality of life and expectations of its citizens. In this book the Lazars light the way to breathing new life into a new economy that is product-based, profitable, productive and progressive. This work is a renewed clarion call for warring ideological leaders and elected officials to work together to overcome their own weak performance and unwillingness to sacrifice their personal interests for the best interests of all Americans. The nation cries out for them to cease battling each other to the death. The country needs a qnew responseq to the lagging and weak economy. This book provides the right response for a new economy inherent in the American character. It is time for each and all of us to help our nation rediscover its greatness and ability to resolve internal conflicts with victorious actions. qHope and optimism can only be founded on right thought and right action that people can see and feel.q--Richard G. Lazar, PhDIn recent years I have heard more and more comments of dissatisfaction from people about low standards of service to customers. Some companies ... For sometime, CarAan lived with a defect in a Cuisinart coffeemaker purchased through Williams-Sonoma. Then one day in ... CarAan was a bit frustrated because the unit was still under warranty and had only been used for about a month. She asked to beanbsp;...

Title:The Best Way to Fix Our Economy
Author:Richard G. Lazar, Caran Caswell Lazar - 2011-07-01


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