The Bible Code Kim Nees and Barry Beach

The Bible Code Kim Nees and Barry Beach

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What does the Bible Code have to say about the Poplar Montana murder of Kimberly Nees, in 1979? If that seems a long time ago to you, imagine how long it seems to Barry Beach, who has insisted that the confession he made as a juvenile of 20, in 1983, the one that put him behind bars for one hundred years, was false. That confession was retracted as soon as it was given. Three years after Kim's death, his stepmother called the police over a misdemeanour, insinuating he was bad by mentioning the fact that Barry had been a murder suspect in Poplar, Montana. He was, along with many others in his home town. Barry dated Kim's little sister, Pamela. Naturally he was questioned by police. Now witnesses by the score have come forward and told how they are convinced that Barry did not commit this shocking crime, believe he was coerced into giving a false confession out of youthful fear and pressure. Now Pamela Nees and others who claim they know who the real killers are, fight to free him from a lifetime behind bars.Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) The following article was featured in the March, 2002, issue of Bible Code Digest. ... After he completed his monumental Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, he began to devote more and more of ... that Newton worked with Bible codes, but said that he regarded the entire universe (including the Bible) as a a€œcryptogram.

Title:The Bible Code Kim Nees and Barry Beach
Author:Pamela Lillian Valemont - 2013-11-25


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