The Big Grabowski

The Big Grabowski

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When the body of an unscrupulous land developer washes in with the tide, there are more suspects than mourners in the quirky town of Devil's Harbor, Oregon. Vince Grabowski was infamous for creating an environmental disaster, hatching shady investment schemes and trying to commercialize the tiny coastal community. A list of who-could-have-done-it includes Grabowski's less-than grieving widow, her eco-freak boyfriend, a marijuana-farming ice cream shop owner, a radio evangelist about to lose her listeners, the mayor's sex-crazed wife and a disgruntled artist who grudgingly perpetuates a hoax on gullible tourists. For Molly Donovan, the murder creates an opportunity to use the crime reporting skills she shelved when her father's heart attack forced her to return to Oregon. Chafing under the limitations of writing for The North Coast Flotsam, she revels in matching wits with investigators-until the killer frames her father.Your average Lincoln owner doesna#39;t risk scratching that glossy finish and hea#39;d close the door so the next squall wona#39;t soak the seat. I figured joyriders ... And there was no registration, no credit card slips, not even an ownera#39;s manual. No suicide note ... Guard officers. Behind them sunlight glinted off the gold insignias pinned.

Title:The Big Grabowski
Author:Carolyn J. Rose, Mike Nettleton
Publisher:Krill Press - 2009-11-01


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