The Big Picture and Other Byte-sized Short Stories

The Big Picture and Other Byte-sized Short Stories

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This collection of short stories includes many different genres. Whether the story line is a psychological effort, comedy, science fiction, fantasy or satire, the author has tried to render a diverse entertainment value to each. In this fast-paced, hectic, and TV-dominated culture, these stories were written to offer a half-hour to one-hour window of insightful entertainment, reminiscent of qThe Twilight Zoneq and qHitchcock Presents.q Many of these tales have an abrupt, unexpected twist and could easily be adapted as television screenplays. The sequence of these short stories will keep the reader guessing as to what motifs and messages will appear next, much like a baseball pitcher working his batter to keep him off balance. Many of these stories are like a quick jolt, providing instant gratification. Among the 20 very different and mind-bending story lines are the wizardry of Baron Chronosimos, the scientific genius of time traveler Frank Morrison, and the ghostly appearance of former Black Panther Fred Hampton. Says the author, qWith some it may be history, others a comical farce. I have tried to incorporate many different themes that might encourage a broader understanding of the myriad thought processes to be gained through the printed word.q So sit back and enjoy The Big Picture and Other Byte-sized Short Stories.... a#39;one last thrilla#39; before having to start 4th Grade! Ball jars full of fruit would be smashed into mirrors and 50 lb. sacks of flour would be knifed, split and dumped all over the living rooma#39;s couch and carpet. A few weeks later Jima#39;s mother, Betty, anbsp;...

Title:The Big Picture and Other Byte-sized Short Stories
Author:S. A. Cecrle
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2014-02-14


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