The Black Book of the American Left

The Black Book of the American Left

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David Horowitz spent the first part of his life in the world of the Communist-progressive left, a politics he inherited from his mother and father, and later in the New Left as one of its founders. When the wreckage he and his comrades had created became clear to him in the mid-1970s, he left. Three decades of second thoughts then made him this movementa€™s principal intellectual antagonist. a€œFor better or worse, a€ as Horowitz writes in the preface to this, the first volume of his collected conservative writings, a€œI have been condemned to spend the rest of my days attempting to understand how the left pursues the agendas from which I have separated myself, and why.a€ When Horowitz began his odyssey, the left had already escaped the political ghetto to which his parentsa€™ generation and his own had been confined. Today, it has become the dominant force in Americaa€™s academic and media cultures, electing a president and achieving a position from which it can shape America's future. How it achieved its present success and what that success portends are the overarching subjects of Horowitza€™s conservative writings. Through the unflinching focus of one singularly engaged witness, the identity of a destructive movement that constantly morphs itself in order to conceal its identity and mission becomes disturbingly clear. In Volume I of these writings, a€œMy Life and Times, a€ Horowitz reflects on the years he spent at war with his own country, collaborating with and confronting radical figures like Huey Newton, Tom Hayden and Billy Ayers, as he made his transition from what the writer Paul Berman described as the American lefta€™s a€œmost important theorista€ to its most determined enemy.The Collected Conservative Writings of David Horowitz David Horowitz ... as it is profound.a€ The David Horowitz Freedom Center is hardly past its peak. It is supported by 100, 000 individual donors, which is more than three times the number ofanbsp;...

Title:The Black Book of the American Left
Author:David Horowitz
Publisher:Encounter Books - 2013-10-14


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