The Black Heart

The Black Heart

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Mark qMacq Macintyre is an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He is also a wheeler-dealer of military equipment. But when he wins an Army helicopter in a poker game, he soon finds out that he has bitten off more than he can chew. He quickly realizes that others have their own plans for the helicopter and that they are willing to go to any length to keep it within their control. Mac isn't able to get rid of the helicopter before he unwillingly becomes trapped in a fight between the CIA and Russia; a fight for his life. He doesn't mind his relationship with CIA agent Sheila Hood, but the job they qaskq him to do is filled with danger - not only for him and Sheila, but for the whole world. How could things get so far out of hand over a simple game of poker? Blending fact with fiction, the story, which takes place during the Vietnam War era, is a thriller filled with twists, adventure, and espionage on a worldwide level.Using a flashlight and mirror, he looked under the many control cables, wire harnesses, hydraulic lines, and all of the ... Ia#39;d even know if a wire doesna#39;t have the right color code.a€ Mac was going to ask how he could do that without even a schematic to refer to, but decided there was no sense in challenging Larsena#39;s abilities.

Title:The Black Heart
Author:T. Michael Fuson, Phil B. Hammond, Ruth E. Fuson
Publisher:T. Michael Fuson - 2010-10-28


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