The Blue Flame

The Blue Flame

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Greg Sanders has been granted fantastic powers. He however fears the gift will bring a drastic change to the universe, so has secluded himself to study his blessing. What he learns is that the universe will barely be bothered, but his life will be completely altered. The story revolves around Greg attempting to establish himself among people that have similar blessings, those that want to make use of his gifts, and beings that simply want to somehow adjust their lives to having such a powerful person in their presence. Matters of love, diplomacy, and metaphysics all intertwine as Greg seeks to settle into his new existence. In the midst of everything, he must choose whether his life is better with his fantastic gift or without.While learning of the differences of those that inhabited the Andromeda galaxy, Greg learned of others that existed ... He had first simply used the college as a base from where he could research city wiring diagrams, specs on industrialanbsp;...

Title:The Blue Flame
Author:Roby Ward - 2014-04-16


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