The Blushing MBA

The Blushing MBA

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Enjoy a funny sneak-peek at life inside an Ivy League business school from someone who's been there and lived to tell the tale... Excerpt from The Admissions Interview: I can't remember anything on my resume. Oh my God, I've gone blank-what am I doing here? My pulse is racing, my throat is tight, and I'm sweating. Move out of my way, I have to get out of here! After 20 minutes, my nerves finally begin to calm (which would have been great if the interview hadn't finished in 10). The interviewer concludes with, qHow do you want to be remembered by your classmates?q Remembered? Because this program will surely be the death of me? He hands me his card when we finish. qCall me if you have any questions.q The interview is over. Over? I am numb as I leave his office, stunned that the moment I have worked a lifetime for is now history. Wait! When he said, qIt's over, q was he referring to the interview or to my future in business? The Blushing MBA is a funny, candid chronicle of one woman's adventure inside an Ivy League business school. It's an inspirational tribute to college, graduate school, and to anyone who has ever dared to enter the wild world of business.a€œFinance majors and quantitative geniuses, a€ Tempestt whispers to me patronizingly. Is it that obvious I ... are key points. I pull out my shiny, new $120 financial calculator with 250+ functions and an astonishing 37 buttons: the Hewlett Packard 17BII. Unfortunately, I dona#39;t have time to read the novella of an instruction manual.

Title:The Blushing MBA
Author:Feddy Pouideh
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-11-01


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