The Bofors Gun

The Bofors Gun

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The 40mm Bofors Gun, first produced in the 1930s, has become one of the most famous artillery pieces of all time. It shows no sign of fading from the defence scene even though, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, it performs in many roles that were not contemplated by its original designers. It has also proved to be so versatile that it is now allied to electronic and other technological marvels that were mere pipe dreams only a few years ago. When the Bofors entered the international defence market, its primary quarry, the military aircraft, was still a slow and fragile machine that could be terminally damaged by a single hit from a 40mm projectile. Terry Gander describes this early period in the gun's development and he shows how, despite recent?increases in target speed and other performance parameters, it can still inflict a one-hit kill on almost any aircraft, helicopter?or guided missile. Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the story is that the fundamentals of today's Bofors guns remain virtually unchanged from the very first examples to come off the Karlskoga production line in Sweden. In all its forms, the Bofors continues to be a sound, reliable and lethal piece of military hardware that has given good service to gunners all over the world.?Terry Gander's comprehensive account of the history of this remarkable weapon over the course of almost eighty years is fascinating?reading and an invaluable work of reference for military historians and artillery specialists alike. It is the definitive work in the field.??As featured on BBC Radio Guernsey.During thatyear a fewNuffield Organisation engineers decidedthey could assist theHome Guard units formed from among Nuffield Organisation ... Guns mountedon converted Morris Quad artillery tractors, the Quads being already in production by Nuffield totow 25pounder fieldartillery pieces. ... The Mark 5mounting had provisionfor power controls while the Mark5/1 relied upon manual controls only.

Title:The Bofors Gun
Author:Terry Gander
Publisher:Pen and Sword - 2013-04-30


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