The Boys Who Bring in the Crop

The Boys Who Bring in the Crop

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THE BOYS WHO BRING IN THE CROP is a mostly true story about a group of amateur marijunana smugglers who operated out of Florida in the mid seventies. These guys really had some cajones, they did their thing right under the noses of the law. They made seven flights to Colombia and back and never got caught, partly because they were smart and planned well, partly because of dumb luck. The book is fast paced, it all takes place in less than one year. Along the way there is plenty of adventure, not everything goes as planned. There is some romance thrown in, these guys knew how to enjoy life with the piles of money they accumulated.According to the pilota#39;s manuals, the Navajo and the Cessna-402 would both cruise along at ten thousand feet at about 155 knots true air speed, that means the time in route would be about nine hours and a few minutes. Add an extra hour , anbsp;...

Title:The Boys Who Bring in the Crop
Author:Spike Nasmyth
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2003


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