The Bramble Bush - Pages from Dell's Book of Life

The Bramble Bush - Pages from Dell's Book of Life

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Most human beings have their own private places, places to hide, places to conceal their most tender feelings, places to dream, cry, nurse wounds and heal, undisturbed by casual public scrutiny, uncaring passersby. I visualize my private place as a big, leafy-green bramble bush, full of protective thorns. These thorns are long and sharp, to be sure, but they are not poisonous. They are there to protect my private place and keep intruders away - - unless I decide to invite them in - - and they do provide safe, secure perches for visitors . . . like you. qI think of my life as a book. It has a beginning and an end, with a finite number of pages in between. Across the years, there have been certain moments, certain feelings and moods, certain experiences and observations, certain days - - good and bad - - that linger in memory, bookmarks in a commonplace life. I am not an artist but I try to paint my sketches and pictures with words, brush stroke word by brush stroke word.qAnd that was causing a problem. As he usually did when he had a problem, Jamie went looking for his Dad. He found him at his workbench in the ... They are awarding prizes for the best hobby display, too.aquot; Jamie sighed. aquot;I want to take my anbsp;...

Title:The Bramble Bush - Pages from Dell's Book of Life
Author:Adelle Bradford - 2009-07


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