The Brandywine Game

The Brandywine Game

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Rogers was dead, Khruchenko was dead. Only Sloane survived...and the secret that was to have died with him in the little shop in Munich.The defector had said that he could identify the mole, the Soviet agent who sat on the Committee, the group that ran the Agency. That's what Khruchenko said, but Sloane couldn't even be certain they existed. But too much had gone wrong too many times for him to doubt that the mole was real. And, just maybe, he knew who it was, knew more than the code name qParsley.qBut could he live long enough to do something with the information? The mole was in a position to use both American and Russian agents to get at Sloane, and he was taking advantage of that. All Sloane had on his side was a vacationing political science instructor, Freddie Falscape, and a finely honed tradecraft. Finally, the woman was willing to help. Now is was a matter of time...She was a wounded animal, in shock, lying still, trying to repair itself. But that awareness did nothing to alleviate her bleak despair. ... And the safety on a Walther PPK is right there. All you do isa€”again she stared out the window. The ghostsanbsp;...

Title:The Brandywine Game
Author:Robert A. Liston
Publisher:Robert Liston - 2011-05-02


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