The Business of Being a Lawyer

The Business of Being a Lawyer

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The Business of Being a Lawyer (BBL) is premised on the fact that each of us, as a lawyer, is a business, our own business, whether we work for a law firm, have a solo practice, work in a public interest or government office, or work in a law-related field, we need to know our own balance sheet. What are our assets and liabilities? What are our short-term and long-term business plans? What investments should we make in our business? Viewing ourselves as a business is more imperative than ever given the volatility of the legal economy. This book covers four topics: (1) Economic trends in the legal profession and what these trends mean for law students and practicing lawyers; (2) Personal financial planning basics and how personal financial planning impacts onea€™s career decisions, (3) Emotional Intelligence (EQ) issues such as recognizing and using onea€™s strengths, cultivating habits of resilience, and dealing with stress and setbacks, (4) How to be an effective a€œfree agenta€ throughout onea€™s career (in light of the fact that the average lawyer now changes jobs seven times in a career). The approach of this book is descriptive, readable and practical, with case studies and specific advice.On a 30year mortgage with a FICO credit score of 720, they qualify for 5.5 percent interest rate on their mortgage. ... Bob and Carol decided they needed to learn more about credit scores so they could get theirs as high as possible before they bought new cars or a house. Credit ... A score of 600 or below may cause lenders to charge higher rates, turn down applications for loans or leases, and slow credit anbsp;...

Title:The Business of Being a Lawyer
Author:Pamela Pierson
Publisher:West Academic - 2014-06-16


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