The Cain Children

The Cain Children

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Could you take a life? Maybe, but could you kill a child? What if you knew that the child would grow up to be a monster and there was nothing you could do to stop it... Other than euthanasia. Could you, would you, kill a seemingly innocent minor to protect society in the future? Would you detest those that sentence a child to the death penalty before they have even committed a crime? In the not so distant future, scientists stumbled upon a discovery. They learned to isolate and identify the gene in a child's DNA that makes them susceptible to killing for pleasure, to become a serial murderer. Not every child with the gene kills, but every serial killer has this gene, called the Cain gene after the first murderer in the bible. There is no cure for the gene and since not every child with the gene kills, a new government agency called the guardians is created. They are instituted to monitor the children born with the gene and to take appropriate actions once the gene manifests itself and they prove to be killers. Only carriers of this gene can pass it along to their children, so even those that don't kill, can sire children that may. There is the dilemma, end the outbreak by possibly killing the innocent, or eliminate all carriers to end all possible murder in the future. Follow this story of the Cain children as well as the scientists that monitor them while posing as their parents.This was part of his daily ritual except on Fridays, which were game night, when he would get something to eat with his teammates afterwards. ... Mrs. Mitchell handed Jeff and Jason a flyer with a picture of the missing cat on it and said, aquot; Thankanbsp;...

Title:The Cain Children
Author:Brett Lane
Publisher:Perfect Wave Design House - 2013-06-21


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