The Car Buying & Selling Blueprint

The Car Buying & Selling Blueprint

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Get the best-informed personal transportation purchase possible without over spending or just getting your hard-earned money ripped off! Eliminate many of the fears and the aggravations traditionally associated with buying and selling a new or used vehicle. The portable Car Buying a Selling Blueprint will inform, guide, simplify and organize your research. The book is unique in teaching with the use of real life examples, short stories and worksheets. It incorporates a simple and comfortable page layout that is easy to use and remember. The book describes and explains what and how to examine in regards to all aspects of the purchasing and selling processes. This book describes and lists Research websites, Contracts, Budgets, Financing, Leasing, Glossary of Auto features, What is real safety and data, Best time to buy or sell and much more. Chapter I PREPARE BEFORE YOU SHOP Personal Documentation and Identification Today's Budget Ballpark Payment Critical Future Budget Considerations Basic Fuel Costs Shopping for an Auto Insurance Policy Trade-in Will it Help You or Hurt You Paying Cash, Financing or Leasing Repossession a Bankruptcies Chapter II DRIVERS Teenage Drivers The Graduate Family Car Elderly Drivers Business Just for the Kid Driver Inside of You Drivers Personalities Advertising Interactions and Driving Influences Analyze the Ads that Drive the Drivers Driven Chapter III THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF IT Safety The Sway-factor Reliability Eye Appeal Important Primary Features, Options, Explanations Analyzing a Few Popular Vehicle Features A to Z Features, Options, Explanations and Ratings Chapter IV HOW NEW OR USED IS IT Hard Miles of Soft Miles Certified Miles Car History Reporting Services Check the in Service Date Manufactured Date Chapter V WARRANTY New Car Warranty qFrom Defectsq Manufactures Extended Warty. vs. 3rd Party To buy or Not to Buy Extended Warranty Limited vs. Exclusionary Demo or Program Car Warranty Used Car Warranty Certified Car Warranty 30 Day Mechanical Warranty Extended Warranty Available on the Net Chapter VI SEARCHING To Buy or Not to Buy From a Family Member To Buy or Not to Buy Your Friends Car To Buy or Not to Buy From a New Car Dealer To Buy or Not to Buy From a Used Car Department or Dealer To Buy or Not to Buy From an Unknown Private Party Terms Used with Used or Pre-driven Vehicles Searching to Avoid Paranoia Searching to Avoid Jerks Searching for Truth, Honesty and Respect Searching the Truth About qWhat If?q Chapter VII CHECKUPS AND THE FINAL INSPECTION Need a Mechanic Personally Inspecting the Car Before Signing Contract SDDF Seller Delivery Disclosure Form Chapter VIII YOUR LEGAL COMMITMENTS Forms and Contracts Purchasing with Cash Financing Your Purchase Choosing a Lender The Challenges of Leasing Lease Contract Types and Terms Formula for Calculating the Depreciation Interest Rate Lease Exercise Monies Due Now Monies Due Later on Whom to Lease From Leasing a Used Vehicle Separate Facts from Fiction Dealer Costs and profit Who Makes What at the Dealer More Food for Thought qRebate or Just Baitq Chapter IX THE TRADE-IN IS WHAT IT IS Trade it Sell it Donate it Chapter X BEST TIME AND DAY TO BUY Timing is / is Not Important Sale Time Region, Season and Weather Fear Controlling Your Inter Timing Waiting for a Better Deal More Good Advice BONUS CHAPTER Maintenance, Critical to Safety-Crucial to Function Loyalty is a Bonus Avoid Deception Questions And Statements !!! A Plea for Sane and Ethical Behavior Life in the Car Sales Arena WORKSHEETS For progressing and determining Affordability Best Car Choice Car Purchase Deal and DeliveryThis book describes and lists Research websites, Contracts, Budgets, Financing, Leasing, Glossary of Auto features, What is real safety and data, Best time to buy or sell and much more.

Title:The Car Buying & Selling Blueprint
Author:Henry K. Burita
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2010-11-26


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