The Castro Gene

The Castro Gene

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The Castro Gene, by best-selling author Todd Buchholz, is seamless, suspenseful and shocking. After killing a man in the ring, Luke Braden quits boxing. While toiling as a security guard and yearning to reinvent himself, Luke is swept up into the high-flying domain of Paul Tremont. Tremont, the hottest hedge fund hand around, has a penchant for the dramatic a€“ and a disquieting need to control. Being Tremonta€™s protAcgAc has its perks a€“ Luke trades in his ratty basement apartment for a penthouse view, his gym clothes for designer suits. But there are strings attached a€“ and Tremont is pulling the strings. Why does Tremont need a washed-up boxer? The answer lies not in what Luke is, but who he is: Luke Braden is the only man who can execute Tremonta€™s diabolical scheme. Fidel Castro risks one last trip to the U.S. And one man will be forced to stand in his way. Luke is in for the fight of his life a€“ or the fight for his life. Intricately plotted with unexpected twists and breathtaking turns, The Castro Gene is a knockout.Why get annoyed right after a a€œspaa€ treatment from Sonny? He pointed to the chaise longue next ... a€œMy assistant Sonny will be giving you wiring instructions to deposit $10 million into an account in your name. You will have sole authority overanbsp;...

Title:The Castro Gene
Author:Todd Buchholz
Publisher:Oceanview Publishing - 2007-05-15


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