The Celestial Knights: the Advent of Go’El, the Avenger of God

The Celestial Knights: the Advent of Go’El, the Avenger of God

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For countless eons the seraph Goa€™El, the angel of divine justice and holy retributive vengeance, has served Almighty God as His arm of justice. From the slaying of the firstborns in Egypt to the destruction of the 185, 000 Assyrians and every type of punishment indicative of the wrath of God, Goa€™El has been undoubtedly the most feared of the hosts of heaven. Now at the End of Days, Goa€™El walks the earth in human form, charged with protecting a man named Jonathan, who is destined to one day stand against the forces of darkness as the avatar of Christ. Lucifera€”or the Devil, archenemy of God and mankinda€”along with his minions of the fallen, has embarked on a quest not only to destroy Jonathan but to eradicate anyone and all knowledge that would expose the lies and machinations that Lucifer has perpetrated for centuries. The Celestial Knights, comprised of the seven princes of heaven, are all that stand between mankind and the forces of evil. Set against a backdrop that involves the second coming of Christ, the Antichrist, the revived Roman Empire, and the New World Order, this book weaves together long-lost prophecies, hidden temples, ancient astronauts, aliens and the rebirth of the Nephilim, and an evil so powerful that even Satan himself fears it. This story reveals the true nature of God, angels, demons, and spiritual warfare and how with faith and complete trust in the Lord one man can embrace his destiny and make a difference.New medical technologies, such as genetic engineering, along with the mapping of the human genome, placed the power of life ... years of the twentyfirst century, technology has made a paradigm shift with the dawn of quantum mechanics and particle physics. ... Sadly enough, religion, to which many seek the answers to the problems that hamper mankind, is in dismal disarray. ... Scientists know that a basic law of the universe states that for every cause an effect for that cause exists.

Title:The Celestial Knights: the Advent of Go’El, the Avenger of God
Author:Minister R. A. Artis
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2015-06-09


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