The Cell Cycle in the Central Nervous System

The Cell Cycle in the Central Nervous System

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Cell Cycle in the Central Nervous System overviews the changes in cell cycle as they relate to prenatal and post natal brain development, progression to neurological disease or tumor formation.Topics covered range from the cell cycle during the prenatal development of the mammalian central nervous system to future directions in postnatal neurogenesis through gene transfer, electrical stimulation, and stem cell introduction. Additional chapters examine the postnatal development of neurons and glia, the regulation of cell cycle in glia, and how that regulation may fail in pretumor conditions or following a nonneoplastic CNS response to injury. Highlights include treatments of the effects of deep brain stimulation on brain development and repair; the connection between the electrophysiological properties of neuroglia, cell cycle, and tumor progression; and the varied immunological responses and their regulation by cell cycle.(Please see companion CD for color version of this figure.) B1-integrins and subsequent integrin-dependent adhesion and migration in T-lymphocytes. Such functional activation relies on the physical association between the two molecules inanbsp;...

Title:The Cell Cycle in the Central Nervous System
Author:Damir Janigro
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2008-01-23


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