The C.E.O. & the Cookie Queen

The C.E.O. & the Cookie Queen

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Note To Self: A Steer Is Not A Peta€b I, Greg Rafferty, must not be of sound mind anymore. Why else would I bid ona€”and win!a€”little Jennifer Jacks's prize-winning bull, um, steer? It could have something to do with her doesn't-look-oldenough-to-be-a-preteen's-mom mother, the woman behind our successful Ms. Carole's cookies. I was expecting The Brady Bunch's Alice, not a blond, blue-eyed goddess in denim. And I know Carole is keeping something big from me. I wonder why such a beautiful woman is so publicity shy? She won't become the spokeswoman for my family's struggling business, but I think some kisses might persuade her to tell me her secrets and let this longtime bachelor become the daddy and husband the lovely Jacks ladies need!My younger sister, Cheryl, lovedJenny from the moment she was bornand always offered tobabysitto give mea little time for ... Pretty soon I was selling cookies to theFour Square CafAc and packaging them for saleat the Kasha#39;na#39; Karry andanbsp;...

Title:The C.E.O. & the Cookie Queen
Author:Victoria Chancellor
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-09-15


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