The Changing Face of Madness

The Changing Face of Madness

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Torn between her loyalty to her neo-nazi conspirators and her husband, Jane Polansky becomes riddled with guilt. Although she married Robert Polansky, head of Diamond Tech, to get at military secrets, she grows to love her husband, a man who espouses fine human qualities, unlike the hatred and misery which encompassed Jane's life. Stored in the same location as the secrets is the world famous Polansky diamond collection, sought after by organized criminals who will stop at nothing to get at those diamonds. Waiting in the background is a psychopath planning to strike out against the outsiders invading his tranquil community recently transformed into a high tech Mecca. Industrial espionage contributes to the plot by Breitling from Electropulse AG, a major world class weapons manufacture who also wants those diamond lens secrets. Amidst it all is the discovery in Siberia of the world's largest diamond and Robert Polansky's attempt to acquire it. At Breitling's refuge on Great Albacore Cay in the Bahamas, submarine deployed Navy SEALs plan a strike. Who will be victorious? Does Jane find the love and security she craves. Who eventually ends up with all the wealth? How will it all end? Readers are kept on edge. Love, hate, adultery, revenge, international intrigue, robbery, and murder all contribute to the suspense.Sensing help wasna#39;t going to arrive in time, he instead decided to put out the lit fuse. He managed to right himself with his back hunched over and his head only inches from hitting the top as he ran back down the tunnel. He knew that he was inanbsp;...

Title:The Changing Face of Madness
Author:Phillip Benedetto
Publisher:Phillip Benedetto - 2000-09-01


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