The Cloud of Unknowing

The Cloud of Unknowing

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Funny, tough, and heartbreaking--often all at once--Mimi Lipsona€™s debut collection is a grand tour of bars, diners, bus stations, dog parks, hardcore clubs, vacant lots, and other places that draw people whose inner lives are richer than their wallets. Lipsona€™s alter ego, the sharp-tongued and sharp-eyed Kitty, appears in a variety of guises: as a seven-year-old on a Florida vacation scammed by her roguish father, as a college student who receives a stunningly crucial education outside the classroom, as a passenger whose life changes on a cross-country bus. After meeting her parents, her brother, her friends and co-workers, we are introduced to Isaac, the sui generis manchild who becomes both her lover and her charge, a human roller-coaster who swings her between delight, exasperation, and mortal peril. Like a dinner composed of appetizers, Lipsona€™s book is very nearly a novel, in mosaic form, without all the boring parts. Her wit is as sharp as a serpenta€™s tooth, her sentences as percussively satisfying as billiard balls clicking into the pocket.a€œAdlana#39;s college essay. He wants a mana#39;s opinion.a€ Shehanded itupto ... One morething you mightlike to knowaboutme istheperson I most admire. This Person is my father, Mr. Axmet Gulnaev, age45. He is a strong Patriarch of our family, whenanbsp;...

Title:The Cloud of Unknowing
Author:Mimi Lipson
Publisher:Verse Chorus Press - 2014-05-13


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