The Complete Blackpowder Handbook

The Complete Blackpowder Handbook

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The Clear Choice for Blackpowder Enthusiasts! The Complete Blackpowder Handbook is the place for the latest information on blackpowder traditional and in-line guns, muzzleloaders and cartridge guns, as well as ballistics and techniques. Expert Sam Fadala's personal experiences, along with the results of his scientific testing method, present a very clear, user-friendly study of everything blackpowder. Topics he covers, include: Shooting Cleaning Repairing Tune-ups Ballistics Do-It-Yourself In addition to the desirable technical information, Fadala rounds out this blackpowder bible with bits of interesting blackpowder folklore and history. With The Complete Blackpowder Handbook, you won't be disappointed.The bruin fell to one shot with a 385-grain Remington conical just like the ones shown here. ... 300 magnums, which is not to suggest that the 58-caliber muzzleloader is more powerful than a 300 magnum. ... Using data from The Gun Digest Blackpowder Loading Manual I can find the arrival velocity of a specific bullet from a ... For example, if I have a 50-caliber ball-shooting rifle loaded to deliver 1, 900 fps at the muzzle, I know that this round ball is doing about 1, 100 fps at 100 yards.

Title:The Complete Blackpowder Handbook
Author:Sam Fadala
Publisher:Gun Digest Books - 2006-11-03


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