The Complete Book on Cashew (Cultivation, Processing & By-Products)

The Complete Book on Cashew (Cultivation, Processing & By-Products)

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Now a daya€™s horticultural commodities getting export from India, among them cashew retain top position. For cashew cultivation certain parameters such as characteristics of cashew, weather condition, geographical location, propagation - layering, budding and grafting, nature of soil are the main to improve and increase the overall productivity of cashew with suitable planning of efficient water management. This book includes organic farming method of cashew. Three main cashew products are traded on the international market - raw nuts, cashew kernels and cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL). A fourth product - the cashew apple is generally processed and consumed locally. This book is not only confined to the different methods of cashew processing but also describe about by-products obtained from cashew. The traditional method of cashew processing through which we get CNSL(Cashew Nut Shell Liquid), the major source of Cardanol. We also came to know about production of CNSL derivatives, polymerization of CNSL, rubber like elasticity products, styrene product of CNSL, multifunctional alcohol obtained from CNSL and lots of other information. Cardanol is a phenolic lipid which is the byproduct of cashew nut processing. It has several uses and applications in chemistry, chemical industries, additives industries and fuel industries for low sulphur diesel fuel. This book contains the purification process of CNSL for isolation of cardanol, evaluation of copperised CNSL and neem oil as wood preservatives. It also provides a wide idea to their readers about its nutritional value, commercial exploitation, hygiene and safety issues, packaging and preservation, uses, manufacturers and suppliers of machinery of this process. This book also engaged in quality control system, design and development of soft nano materials from CNSL cashew to play a vital role in nano technology. It covers all the area concerned in this field and presents a crystal clear overview on the process and its by-product from all possible aspects.... of air-layers; while others obtained 84.6% success in cashew layers by treating with IBA 800 ppm as paste at the upper end of the 0.5 cm wide ring ... Separation and hardening of layers Separation from mother plant consists of three phases: a€c at first, a V-shaped cut is made right under the ... The layers are then placed in a polythene bag (45 x 30 cm of 300 gauge), filled with 2 parts sand + 1 part red soil anbsp;...

Title:The Complete Book on Cashew (Cultivation, Processing & By-Products)
Author:Dr. H. Panda
Publisher:ASIA PACIFIC BUSINESS PRESS Inc. - 2013-10-01


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