The Complete Cheapskate

The Complete Cheapskate

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In need of a Money Makeover? Let America's most popular cheapskate show you how to go from financial chaos to freedom and security--painlessly and in less time than you ever imagined. Mary Hunt has helped thousands live a debt-free life with her popular newsletter, qThe Cheapskate Monthly.q In The Complete Cheapskate, Mary puts all the very best money advice she has in one place. Becoming a classy, dignified cheapskate is not all that difficult, and Mary shows how with her user-friendly principles of saving, restraint, and living debt-free. This book will teach you how to: - Create--and stick to--a monthly spending plan - Live well off 80% of your income - Climb out--and stay out--of debt's hole - Stretch every dollar to its absolute maximum - Manage savings and investments - Lower bills on clothes, food, and gifts without lowering living standards - Live within a financial plan that includes a margin for fun and spontaneity With hundreds of tips on cutting expenses, The Complete Cheapskate is the indispensable guide for people ready to regain control of their finances, relieve the stress money has created, and prepare for their future.husband, Harold, that we look into getting a gasoline credit card. After all, now that we were married, we were entering ... We needed to get with the program and stop depending on cash so much. We needed plastic! Harold went along with theanbsp;...

Title:The Complete Cheapskate
Author:Mary Hunt
Publisher:Macmillan - 2003-08-01


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