The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual

The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual

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SMARTER COCKROACH BREEDING SOLUTIONS... LESS EFFORT, SMELLS AND ESCAPEES!! Most of us start breeding cockroaches struggling to maintain a messy cleaning routine, bad smells and containing these unruly creatures. After more than a decade of commercial production and experimentation, we have developed innovative new techniques that have halved maintenance, eliminated offensive odour and increased production. These automated, low maintenance systems are tried and tested and will save you time and efforta€bweek in, week out. Whether you want to produce for private or commercial purposes, this definitive guide sets a new benchmark for cockroach breeding for the following reasons: THE MOST INNOVATIVE AND EFFICIENT SYSTEMS... This manual pioneers new and innovative techniques found nowhere else. We have overhauled every aspect of cockroach productiona€b container design, breeding method, making automated food and water dispensers, heating, storage, maintenance, pest management, cleaning, grading, selling, marketinga€b..and lots more. THE EASIEST TO USE...MORE PHOTOS AND DIAGRAMS More than 145 photos, diagrams and tables, in conjunction with a€œStep by Stepa€ instructions showing you how to do everything clearly and in an easy to understand format. THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE AVAILABLE... This 100 page guide is the largest and most comprehensive guide available, covering every aspect of private and commercial cockroach breeding in detail. COMMERCIAL EXPERIENCE...TURN AN EXPENSE INTO INCOME!! We have sold cockroaches and crickets commercially to: wildlife parks, zoos, pet stores, wildlife rescue clubs, large scale reptile keepers and the general public...and we are happy to pass on our commercial tips to you. See our a€œComplete Cricket Breeding Manuala€ which for the first time allows people to breed crickets with the same effort and consistency as cockroaches. This Guide is also sold on Amazon. This manual is an accumulation of years of experience and experimentation that will provide you with a proven short cut to successful cockroach breeding.Next to a closed window that is exposed to sunlight. An open window can create drafts which removes heat. An existing ... If you cana#39;t afford thermostats, use timers to turn off heat sources during the warmer parts of the day. To reduce ... Check that the power board is able to handle the electricity load being placed on it.

Title:The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual
Author:Glenn Kvassay
Publisher:Zega Enterprises - 2014-12-03


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