The Complete Layman's Guide to End Times Prophecy a Biblical Perspective

The Complete Layman's Guide to End Times Prophecy a Biblical Perspective

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Have you looked around at the world and felt as though everything was falling apart? America is struggling economically and no one has any answers. Unemployment has been over 9% for over two years now. It feels like the government is trying to take control of our lives. There is speculation that Greece might collapse economically, and, if they do, other European countries will follow suit. The Middle East is in total chaos and very unstable, with all these people rioting in the streets and wreaking havoc on their respective countries, along with dictators falling and rising from power. Iran is still telling everyone they are intent on annihilating Israel as they improve their nuclear capabilities. As Christians, our hope is in Jesus Christ; we know that our God is sovereign, so all the chaos in the world has no effect on how God brings the world to an end. But the end is in sight, and people are looking for something certain in this world. There are so many questions Christians have regarding End Times Prophecy and do not understand, simply because the church has not fulfilled its purpose in rightly dividing the Word of truth for the saints. The Complete Layman's Guide to End Times Prophecy will bring together all the questions one might have regarding the end of the world and the return of the Warrior King Jesus Christ to this earth to set up His millennial kingdom. This book is clear, concise, and cogent in its message and attempts to address all End Times Prophecy questions. Doctor Robert Ramirez, B.A. Political Science, College of Santa Fe; B.A. Pastoral Studies Moody Bible Institute; MDiv, The Master's Seminary; DMin, Trinity Southwest University; Pastor, Alive In Christ Bible Church; President and Founder, New Mexico Bible Institute a BookstoreAs one OLED expert claims, a€œIn the coming years, OLED will gradually replace LCD and plasma technologya€ entirely. ... On the revolutionary side, OLED will soon allow for TV screens so large, transparent and thin that you can cover an entire wall with one, ... But OLED resolves that problem. ... a€œOLED is the perfect technology for 3D due to its fast response time, a€ says Samsunga#39;s top technology advisor.

Title:The Complete Layman's Guide to End Times Prophecy a Biblical Perspective
Author:Robert R. Ramirez
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2011-11


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