The Composting Toilet System Book

The Composting Toilet System Book

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From systems for cottages to year-round systems with micro-flush toilets and graywater gardens, the wide range of ecological recycling toilet options are featured in The Composting Toilet System Book. More than 40 systemsa€”including those you can buy and those you can builda€”are featured. Composting toilet systems and other ecological wastewater management methods are increasingly installed in both seasonal and year-round homes, as municipalities require systems that won't pollute the environment and drinking water. This book details whya€”and how to choose, install and maintain them. You'll also find profiles of owner-operators worldwide, regulatory information for every state, compatible toilet stools (waterless, micro-flush, foam- and vacuum-flush and urine-diverting), a chapter on graywater systems, information about health risks and handling, and sources for many off-the-shelf and DIY designs. If you are seeking to install a system that meets state codes or if you are simply seeking to make your own system, this book is for you. Stop polluting and start recycling and saving water today!The following instructions are adapted from those provided by FanTech, a popular fan choice of composting toilet ... Use a fan-speed controller. ... Consult the wiring diagram provided by the fan manufacturer to assure proper connection .

Title:The Composting Toilet System Book
Author:David Del Porto, Carol Steinfeld
Publisher:Carol Steinfeld - 1999


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