The Conscience of a Teacher

The Conscience of a Teacher

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The Conscience of a Teacher encourages readers to think deeply about what actions are right for teachers to take in their work with students. Babbage asks teachers to concentrate on doing what is right and on being conscientious. Conscience, ethics, virtue, integrity, and honor are emphasized as well. This book is composed of many short essays which can be read separately; however, read together these commentaries form a compelling exploration of how and why teachers should obey laws, regulations, policies, and contractual obligations, yet should do much more. Why? The reasons include because it is right, because it is honorable, because it is virtuous, and because the conscience of a teacher demands a higher standard.Day after day Ms. Sommerton had math problems for us to solve, but they werena#39;t out of a textbook every day. She made up calculations ... Sixth grade and middle school became fantastic because Ms. Sommerton showed me how what we do at school connected with my life. ... In history class I got to research about money from all kinds of civilizations and places. ... As I recall, this coach and his team won a lot of football games, but he never won anything in the classroom as a teacher.

Title:The Conscience of a Teacher
Author:Keen Babbage
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2015-01-20


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