The Contemporary Relevance of Carl Schmitt

The Contemporary Relevance of Carl Schmitt

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What does Carl Schmitt have to offer to ongoing debates about sovereignty, globalization, spatiality, the nature of the political, and political theology? Can Schmitta€™s positions and concepts offer insights that might help us understand our concrete present-day situation? Works on Schmitt usually limit themselves to historically isolating Schmitt into his Weimar or post-Weimar context, to reading him together with classics of political and legal philosophy, or to focusing exclusively on a particular aspect of Schmitta€™s writings. Bringing together an international, and interdisciplinary, range of contributors, this book explores the question of Schmitta€™s relevance for an understanding of the contemporary world. Engaging the background and intellectual context in which Schmitt wrote his major works a€“ often with reference to both primary and secondary literature unavailable in English a€“ this book will be of enormous interest to legal and political theorists.In the 1939 essay a#39;VAplkerrechtliche GroAŸraumordnung mit Interventionsverbot fA¼r raumfremde MAcchtea#39;, Schmitt seeks to sketch ... In a cunning rhetorical manoeuvre, Schmitt (1995: 281) evokes the US Monroe Doctrine of 1823, rejecting furtheranbsp;...

Title:The Contemporary Relevance of Carl Schmitt
Author:Matilda Arvidssen, Leila Brännström, Panu Minkkinen
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-08-20


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