The Contest Problem Book VIII

The Contest Problem Book VIII

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For over fifty years, the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) has been engaged in the construction and administration of challenging contests for students in American and Canadian high schools at every level of ability. In the year 2000 the MAA initiated the American Mathematics Competitions 10 (AMC 10), aimed at students in the first two years of high school. The Contest Problem Book VIII is the first collection of problems assembled from that competition covering the years 2001-2007. 350 problems and solutions are contained in this volume. A Problem Index at the back of the book classifies the problems into the following major subject areas: Algebra and Arithmetic, Sequences and Series, Triangle Geometry, Circle Geometry, Quadrilateral Geometry, Polygon Geometry, Counting Coordinate Geometry, Solid Geometry, Discrete Probability, Statistics, Number Theory, and Logic. These are then broken down into subcategories and problems are cross-referenced whenever they represent several subject areas.Andya#39;s lawn has twice as much area as Betha#39;s lawn and three times as much area as Carlosa#39; lawn. Carlosa#39; lawn mower cuts half as fast as Betha#39;s mower and one third as fast as Andya#39;s mower. Suppose they all start to mow their lawns at theanbsp;...

Title:The Contest Problem Book VIII
Author:J. Douglas Faires
Publisher:MAA - 2008-12-11


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