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This book is about arrogance and the cavalier attitude of a generation toward relationships, sex and conception. The Cradle Will Fall exposes the chaos and pain that follows the selling of eggs and sperm without thinking it result in offspring: human beings. The attempts at cover up, the lies and deceit by Lislea€™s parents, Stefan and Patch, showcases their selfishness and the disregard for parenting that resulted in murder and suicide. Patch falls madly in love with Stefan, a sperm donor, who uses her and his other women to sell their eggs. Stefan a lover to three generations of women directs his hate and anger towards women by overloading clinics in a small area with his sperm. The women in the area and women in his life become intertwined forever, because of his deceit and rage. Myrl grew up thinking that her father had died only to find out that they had already met: had a relationship. Patch, her mother, told her the devastating truth about her father on the same day she told her that her wedding plans with Lisle must stop immediately. Enveloped with hopelessness: Myrl, Lisle, Caro, Negril and Beverli found the passion and strength to weave through the treachery and disloyalty of their parents to find lasting love.a€œThe name on the tool box was a#39;Raya#39;s Computer Repaira#39;.a€ a€œJane please see me in my ... Joseph, the manager of the clinic, immediately called Raya#39;s Computer Repair. ... He lied that he had seen the man with a toolbox with Raya#39;s company name on it. He added ... a€œGood job Ray. Thank you. I owe you.a€ Ray put the envelope inside his shirt and left. He did not tell John about the call from Joseph at the clinic.

Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-06-17


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