The Craigslist Hustle

The Craigslist Hustle

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As featured on Entrepreneur on Fire!!! Print book includes Washer and Dryer bonus chapters. Here's a couple of reviews: qI've flipped 2 gas grills, a stainless steel mini fridge and a broke washer I got apart and fixed myself. In 2 days I'm up $400. Bro. Wtf! I repainted the grills for like $5.00 cleaned up the mini fridge and washer spotless. All inspired by you man.q qSimplicity in 75 pages. We need more qhow toq books like this. No large print, double space, cheesy filler. Just how to buy and re-sell on craigslist. That's it. There is no CD or system to buy. There is no MLM hook. No up sell. Just good old straight info on how to get started and do it. I read the book then bought my first item on CL from someone in my town. Two days later it sold to someone in my town. I drove less than 3 miles for the entire transaction. I made a 42% return on investment, tax free. And I supported my local economy. Buy used and help the environment. Buy used and support your local economy, not China and Walmart!q Have you ever purchased an item for $50 and sold it in the same day for $350? Better yet, have you ever received an item for free from a total stranger and then sold it for $400 the same day? Me either, not until I was laid off by my employer and stumbled across Craigslist. Craigslist receives over 60 billion (yes billion) hits per month worldwide, so let me help you profit off that statistic. This no fluff, straight to the point, quick read will pay for itself with your first qCraigslist Hustle.q I have been making money via Craigslist steadily several years and have helped thousands of people around the world do the same with this book. Unemployment, recession, felony records and low pay on your job are no excuses. There is money to be made using Craigslist and I want to show you how. This is no late night seminar, but a real everyday person who was hit by unemployment and fortunately I found my niche on Craigslist. The Craigslist Hustle, let's get it!!! Please take a moment to come back and leave a quick honest review of the book as well. Thanks in advance. You can also check out my YouTube videos by searching The Craigslist Hustle to see different video tips as well. Follow me on Twitter @CLhustleI have written this book called The Craigslist Hustle and posted YouTube videos showing you my day to day operations and how anyone can easily make $100-$500 a day on Craigslist.

Title:The Craigslist Hustle
Author:LaJuan Stoxstill-Diggs
Publisher:LaJuan Stoxstill-Diggs - 2013-03-04


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