The Creation-Evolution Controversy

The Creation-Evolution Controversy

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Who has not wondered about the origin of the universe and life? And, for certain, this is a question that should be taken with the utmost seriousness and sense of duty. After all, how can we know why we are here or what we should be doing if we do not know where we came from?Although religions have their belief (creation), and materialists have their belief(evolution), beliefs are not what truth is about. This is a book of daring adventure between these two emotionally charged belief systems. Rather than advocate, Dr. Wysong pits one belief against the other using the only weapons that should be used if truth is the objective: reason and evidence.Dr. Wysong's rational, philosophic, and scientific probings make this book a reservoir of thoughtful and factual information that will not draw dust on your bookshelf.Now in its thirteenth printing, this seminal 1975 book has been read worldwide, is widely cited on the web, and continues to be used in schools. It has helped lay the groundwork for a rational dialogue between religion and science and remains current to this day because of its even handed treatment of the subject and because reason should never fall out of fashion.To say the least, communication with either a superintelli- gent extraterrestrial creature or a supernatural creator would be ... rescued from an Irish monastery, that contains the electronic circuit diagram for a superheterodyne radio receiver.

Title:The Creation-Evolution Controversy
Author:R. L. Wysong
Publisher:Wysong Institute - 1976-01-01


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