The Creative Economy

The Creative Economy

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Creativity is the fastest growing business in the world. Companies are hungry for people with ideas - and more and more of us want to make, buy, sell and share creative products. But how do you turn creativity into money? In this newly rewritten edition of his acclaimed book, leading creative expert John Howkins shows what creativity is, how it thrives and how it is changing in the digital age. His key rules for success include: Invent yourself. Be unique. Own your ideas. Understand copyright, patents and IP laws. Treat the virtual as real, and vice versa. Learn endlessly: borrow, reinvent and recycle. Know when to break the rules. Whether in film or fashion, software or stories, by turning ideas into assets anyone can make creativity pay.The Chinese invented paper and some elements of the printing process but the Europeans were the first to bring ... But Amazon promoted its Kindle byselling ebooks at around$9.99, even if it had paid a higher wholesale price tothe publisher.

Title:The Creative Economy
Author:John Howkins
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2013-11-07


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