The cutting edge

The cutting edge

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An authoritative, easy-to-use guide to the advanced systems and techniques that are making--or will soon make--a major impact on our lives, in such areas as computing, communications, biotechnology, medicine, national defense, space, education, entertainment, and the environment. The Cutting Edge includes 120 original entries that go far beyond basic technological information to include: the history of a technology, how it works, its present applications and the issues--ethical, legal, environmental, political, scientific--which surround it. It serves a wide audience, from high school students and their teachers in science and social studies courses to college undergraduates and general readers who want to know not only how a new technology works--but also understand its historical context and the potential impact on our lives.Still, machines like HAL 9000, the artificial intelligence of the 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, were able to bring back ... In the 1950s, Artificial Intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science that creates machines that can aquot;think, aquot; learn, and solve problems, got its start. ... A set of programming instructions gives the robot behaviors unique to its environment and tasks. ... The Matsushita Electric Industrial Company is also working on an electronic cat, and the car company Honda hasanbsp;...

Title:The cutting edge
Author:Moschovitis Group, Inc
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2000-03-30


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