The Cybercultures Reader

The Cybercultures Reader

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This text brings together articles covering the whole spectrum of cyberspace and related new technologies to explore the ways in which new technologies are reshaping cultural forms and practices at the turn of the century. The reader is divided into thematic sections focusing on key issues such as subcultures in cyberspace, posthumanism and cyberbodies, and pop-cultural depictions of human-machine interaction. Each section features: an introduction locating the essays in their theoretical and technological context; editor's introduction and accompanying user's guide; and an extensive bibliography. Issues include: theoretical approaches to cyberculture; representations in fiction and on film; the development of distinct cyber-subcultures; and feminist and queer approaches within cyberculture.The Patrick Stewart Estrogen Brigade (PSEB) seems to have been the first, but there are others; two Ia#39;ve seen frequently in .sig files ... 8 To some degree, the small on-line groups are computerized versions of traditional off-line fandom forms, like APAs, through which fan women have always found each other. They use a new medium to duplicate the webs of friendship that make up the heart of fandom.

Title:The Cybercultures Reader
Author:David Bell, Barbara M. Kennedy
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2000


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