The Cyborg Experiments

The Cyborg Experiments

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The Cyborg Experiments analyzes the challenges posed to corporeality by techology. Taking as their starting point the work of the highly influential performance artists Orlan and Stelarc, the essays in this timely and important collection raise a number of questions in relation to new conceptions of embodiment, identity and otherness in the age of new technologies: Has the body become obsolete? Does transgender challenge traditional ideas of agency? Have we always been cyborgs?In addition to highlighting the playful character of digital aesthetics, the contributors investigate ethical issues concerning the ownership of our bodies and the experiments we perform on them. In this way the book explores how humanism, and ideas of qthe humanq, have been placed under increasing scrutiny as a result of new developments in science, media and communications.Contributors:John Appleby, Rachel Armstrong, Fred Botting, Julie Clarke, Gary Hall, Chris Hables Gray, Meredith Jones, Orlan, Mark Poster, Jay Prosser, E. A. Scheer, Zod Sofia, Stelarc, Scott Wilson, Joanna Zylinskaga#39;You dona#39;t escape the bodya#39;; Stelarc, in this volume, Chapter 7. 18. Phantom body a#39;suspension eventsa#39;, ... In Paolo Atzori and Kirk Woolford. a#39;Extended body: interview with ... a#39;Deconstruction and technologya#39;. In Deconstructions: A Usera#39;s Guide.

Title:The Cyborg Experiments
Author:Joanna Zylinska
Publisher:A&C Black - 2002-08-13


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