The Dallas Women's Guide to Gold-Digging with Pride

The Dallas Women's Guide to Gold-Digging with Pride

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a€œHere, in the land of conspicuous consumption, marriage isna€™t considered a lifelong commitment. Ita€™s the ultimate accessory.a€ a€“from The Dallas Womena€™s Guide to Gold-Digging with Pride Jennifer Bartona€™s life has veered 180 degrees. A transplanted New Yorker now in a Lone Star state of mind, shea€™s ditched her urban hipster look for the waxed, Botoxed, and blond glow of the Dallas women she now walks among and mingles with. Jennya€™s mission: to be in a€œtall cotton, a€ which in Texan husband-hunting terms means sporting a major rock on your finger and seeing the prenup torn up before you walk down the aisle. But learning the local lingo is only the tip of the cactus for Jenny, who is used to picking men based on attraction and long-term compatibility, not net assets. No matter that in Dallas, a husband is a€œlike a HermAus bag or a Chanel coat, a good investment that will mature over time. If he no longer fits, you can trade up to a more luxurious model.a€ To Aimee, Jennya€™s pretty-as-a-beauty queen roommate (and an expert gold-digger), marrying for material worth is gospela€“shea€™s already successfully managed her first divorce and is on the lookout for husband number two. Jenny has laughed off Aimeea€™s ideas on flirting and courting (a€œNever directly engage a man youa€™re interested ina€), but after catching her boyfriend cheating and listening to her mothera€™s constant laments over her lack of grandchildren, Jenny reconsiders Aimeea€™s businesslike approach to marriage: plan, strategize, conquer. Under Aimeea€™s guidance, Jenny finds herself grocery shopping in stilettos, attending skeet shoots and rattlesnake hunts, and traversing the ultimate husband-hunting grounda€“a Baptist wedding. But in between secretly decoding her targetsa€™ e-mail passwords and breaking into potential matesa€™ houses to figure out what their interests are, Jenny wonders if love ever enters into the deal. Welcome to Dallas, where the higher the hair the closer to God. Grab the steer by the horns and sharpen your nails, J. C. Conklina€™s hilariously funny debut novel will have you going Texas wild! From the Hardcover edition.Ia#39;m going to see Aimee when Ia#39;m on a date with Baylor, the person shea#39;d least like me to date. This is bad. I feel like Ia#39;m skipping school and my parents are about to find out. I tap my fingers on the stick shift. Baylor catches my hand and holds itanbsp;...

Title:The Dallas Women's Guide to Gold-Digging with Pride
Author:Jennifer Ross
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2008-12-24


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