The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD

The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD

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This book is the ultimate reference for both beginners and power users to PC-BSDa€”the free, easy-to-use operating system based on FreeBSD. Existing power users will learn how to look under the hood and contribute to the global PC-BSD community. PC-BSD is turning into a hassle-free alternative to Linux on the desktop. Enjoy secure, virus-free computing Quickly become a power user What youa€™ll learn How to completely customize your desktop to suit your personality and quickly access your favorite applications How to find and install quality, no-cost software How to keep your system secure, virus-free, and up to date How to perform common tasks such as playing music and video, sharing files, and gaming How to integrate the PC-BSD desktop into your network How to become part of the PC-BSD community Who this book is for You dona€™t have to be a Unix user to enjoy the PC-BSD operating system. Even if youa€™re fairly new to computers, this book will quickly get you started using and enjoying PC-BSD. Existing power users will discover new usage tricks and learn how to advance their PC-BSD skills. Table of Contents Introducing PC-BSD Installing PC-BSD Customizing the Desktop Getting Around Performing Common Tasks User System Settings Administrative System Settings Push Button Installer System FreeBSD Packages FreeBSD Ports Getting Help Getting Involved Advanced Tasks Becoming a DeveloperIf you have a slow Internet connection or a limit on how much you can download, consider downloading the CD files ... #1 and CD #2 to complete the installation, plus CD #3 if you want to install additional software during the installation. ... If you have never burned a CD or DVD before, click on the a€œquick guidea€ link seen in Figure 2-2 and read the section on a€œBurning the installation CD-ROM/DVDa€ first .

Title:The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD
Author:Dru Lavigne
Publisher:Apress - 2010-03-22


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