The Design of Design

The Design of Design

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Making Sense of Design Effective design is at the heart of everything from software development to engineering to architecture. But what do we really know about the design process? What leads to effective, elegant designs? The Design of Design addresses these questions. These new essays by Fred Brooks contain extraordinary insights for designers in every discipline. Brooks pinpoints constants inherent in all design projects and uncovers processes and patterns likely to lead to excellence. Drawing on conversations with dozens of exceptional designers, as well as his own experiences in several design domains, Brooks observes that bold design decisions lead to better outcomes. The author tracks the evolution of the design process, treats collaborative and distributed design, and illuminates what makes a truly great designer. He examines the nuts and bolts of design processes, including budget constraints of many kinds, aesthetics, design empiricism, and tools, and grounds this discussion in his own real-world examplesa€”case studies ranging from home construction to IBMa€™s Operating System/360. Throughout, Brooks reveals keys to success that every designer, design project manager, and design researcher should know.For the architecture team, the real System/360 was the Design Concept itself, a Platonic ideal computer. ... Principles of Operation, the programmera#39;s machinelanguage manual.7 I had a similar experience with the View/360 beach house (Chapter 21). ... as Vitruvius first articulated.8 We use terms such as elegant, clean, beautiful to talk about bridges, sonatas, circuits, bicycles, computers, and iPhones.

Title:The Design of Design
Author:Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2010-03-22


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