The Devil Has No Mother

The Devil Has No Mother

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With millions of copies sold, RUN BABY RUN is one of the most powerful true stories of our day: the tale of one man, a legend among gang leaders in New York, and how he turned his back on that world of tribal warfare, sex, drugs and murder for the sake of Christ. In this new book Nicky Cruz explores how the devil uses every possible means to prevent people turning to God, drawing on a wealth of examples ranging from his own spiritualist childhood to his experiences of meeting prisoners in the highest security jails in the world. But the best news is that while the devil may be everywhere, God is there too - and it's God whose power will triumph. This is a tough book to read, but it's worth it, because you'll come away convinced not just of the devil's wiles, but much more convinced of God's superior firepower. The devil's worse than you think - but God is greater.I gathered my things and walked outside to the parking lot, pulling the car keys from my pocket. I couldna#39;t wait to see Gloria ... (Keep in mind that, back when this happened, there was no such thing as keyless entry or remote start!) For several anbsp;...

Title:The Devil Has No Mother
Author:Nicky Cruz
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-02-16


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