The Devil's Grandmother

The Devil's Grandmother

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Does romance stand a chance between the Devil's Grandmother and Vlad the Impaler, given her age (4000 years) and his tendency to skewer those who disagree with him? But first Vlad must be expelled from hell, which is fine with Satan; Vlad refuses to accept his ordained purge until he has revenged himself on the Blungers and this is unhinging the smooth running of the underworld. But his expulsion requires the Lord God's okay. Satan devises a beautiful scheme. His beloved grandmother will find happiness. Vlad will leave hell and become dean of students at Fairweather College. Vlad is to preach to the sinful students and administrators of that place. Should the students continue in their lustful and slothful ways, they will be brought down to hell en masse. If Vlad succeeds in reforming them, he will remain as Dean. Either way, Satan wins. And, to make it even more interesting, a Blunger is teaching at that very college. A Blunger of the family against whom Vlad harbors a five-hundred year old grudge! The son of the Blunger whom the Lord God ordered to lose twenty pounds, and who has instead gained eleven! What a coup for Satan to bring a Blunger down! A Blunger? Why not all of them!What could an eight-yearold do to stop the game? Suppose. . .he ... For a long moment, darkness reigned; a cry arose from the study-groups and a suggestion of panic gripped the dancers. Then one by one, colored strobe lights were turned on and the Last Blast became a series of grotesque, frozen poses. a€œOh, that ... He hid the computer and Internet manual beneath an empty sandwich platter. Then heanbsp;...

Title:The Devil's Grandmother
Author:Gene Levin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-06-01


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