The Diet for Your Mind to Help You Fin

The Diet for Your Mind to Help You Fin

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qTheq Diet for the Mind belongs on the bookshelf next to the many books for the body diet. After all, which is more important, to diet to have a healthy fine scrupled physical body, which will one day rot and return to the earth, or to diet to have a mind fed with the spirit of good to save the soul, which will live eternally qTheq mind diet has completed my dieting, because now I know the truth and I am free. I am free in mind, body and soul. qTheq Diet for the Mind will teach that God is a trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and God created man as a trinity; spirit, body and soul. Furthermore, qTheq Diet teaches on the trinity of evil, the trinity of consciousness, and the trinity of Christianity qTheq Diet for the Mind has a menu that begins with appetizers and ends with desserts. The diet explains why humanity needs a diet, the appetizers, for the mind and how to diet and change the mind to find the dessert, love. The Holy Bible is used by Minister Settle as The Manual because The Manual is from the creator, and all has to agree that the creator's manual is the best resource for the creation. Thus, as humanity supplies a manual for instructions on the existence of whatever is created, the creator of humanity has provided his manual for the education, edification, and instructions to his creation; humanity. So, Chevrolet instructs on the care and maintenance of the existence of the Chevrolet car, and ditto is true with Ford cars. Thus, it doesn't take a PHD in the study of existence to accept that the creator knows what is best for the creation. qTheq Diet for the Mind is not based upon Minister Settle's diet or any other mortal's instructions. Rather, qTheq mind diet is presented from the creator's instructions, found in the manual for the diet, the Holy Biblehas need of repair, you dona#39;t carry it to Ford or Toyota. You return it to Buick. Buick or RCA created their respective products and are the best sources to identify and rectify the problem. The same is true with marriage created or made by God.

Title:The Diet for Your Mind to Help You Fin
Author:Oscar G. Settle
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-01


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