The Digital Plague

The Digital Plague

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THIS IS AN ASSASSINATION. NOT YOURS. BUT AN ASSASSINATION NONE THE LESS.' Avery Cates, criminal 'king' of New York, has climbed his way to the top of a heap of trouble. On his knees in the snow, with a gun to his head, Avery thinks this must finally be it. Instead, he is injected with nanotech and left confused but alive. Then everyone around him starts dying. With every moment bringing humanity closer to extinction, Cates finds he will be either executioner or saviour of an entire world.a€œFirst they have to die a€” that varies, as youa#39;ve no doubt noticed. ... material from the portion of the body they wona#39;t need anymore a€” the brain a€” and modifying it to create stem cells, which are used to repair arteries and destroyed organs.

Title:The Digital Plague
Author:Jeff Somers
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2010-02-04


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