The Dilemma of Modernity

The Dilemma of Modernity

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The development of modern culture along subjectivist lines has led to an analogue of psychological narcissism to philosophical narcissism in the culture. The intrinsic value of human cultural activity has been lost, and the intellectual foundation of the modern world-view has been destroyed. Cahoone carefully develops the idea of subjectivity and narcissism using psychological theory, the dialectical theory of the Frankfurt school, and historians. The core of his interpretive argument is developed through careful analysis of Descartes and Kant as well as of Husserl and Heidegger. Cahoone maintains a carefully controlled continuity between the analysis of philosophic positions and what they reveal about culture. In the conclusion, he moves toward a recreation of culture in non-subjectivist naturalism. Insights are drawn from Freud, Fairbairne, Winnicott, Kohut, Sennett, Lasch, Horkheimer, Adorno, Dewey, Cassirer, Kundera, and Buchler.qDasein and Disclosedness Being and Time presents an archaeology of human being, a set of progressively more ... of Heideggera#39;s archeology of Daseina#39;s existence is summarized in Diagram C. Dasein is, first of all, an entity, a being.

Title:The Dilemma of Modernity
Author:Lawrence E. Cahoone
Publisher:SUNY Press - 1988


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